Enabling CRM strategies
at physical stores

Oto is an app that empowers sales reps at physycal stores with data, AI and technology to contact any customer with personalized communications and drive in-store or online traffic to sell more.


Oto is the evolution of Pmweb 360

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One of the largest brazilians retailers had increased 7,5% offline sales with Oto.


With more than 160 physical stores, Lebes has reached 15% conversation rate with Oto.

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Could you imagine increasing chocolate sales at physical stores during pandemic? Watch Lugano’s case.


Oto: the sales reps best friend

Explore the full potential 
of your sales team

Scale your team to a new level of sales through data, AI and techology

Involve sales reps into the digital transformation

Improve the productivity and proactivity of sales teams


Why Oto?

Find out why Oto is the sales reps best friend!

Oto matches and centralizes data of any customer, regardless of the channel, providing a complete 020 customer view 

Based on machine learning and AI, Oto makes a daily list of activities so that your team won’t miss any opportunity

It suggests predictive offers and communications to contact each customer with just one click 

Don’t wait for your customer to come into the store. Oto enables your team to drive in-store or online traffic to sell more 


For all teams

For the sales team


Communications and activities

Daily activities and communications suggestions to make one to one contact through each customer favorite channel (phone, sms message, whatsapp and others)


Complete customer view

All online and offline info such as purchase history, web behavior, campaigns interactions and preferences are ALL in the palm of the hand of the sales rep.


Online and Offline

Lack of products or price conditions compared to e-commerce will never be a problem again. Use QR codes to sell and guarantee sales rep and store attribution.

 Increase customer satisfaction,

retention levels and sales results

 Generic communication  

Personalized communication

For all teams

For stretegic teams

Marketing teams

Guarantee all your marketing strategies are being delivered at physical stores and include the sales rep at your lifecycle strategy

Store managers

Track all goals and progress, such as conversion rate, sales team, stores, communications performance, improving your strategy, conversion and results.

Become a partner

Join Oto as a partner and be part of 
physical stores digital transformation


Improve your results

with Context

Oto is part of the Wunderman Thompson tech solutions, as well as Context.
Know more how to scale your CRM strategies.


Define segmentations based on behavior


Conect your audiences with more than 100 integrations


Work with insights and information to sell more



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